E. Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy, 华体会app下载提供这一政策,解释华体会app下载网站的信息实践,以及您可以就收集和使用您的信息的方式做出的选择. To make this policy easy to find, 华体会app下载华体会app下载的主页和任何可能要求提供个人身份信息的地方提供该信息. 本政策适用于新罕布什尔大学系统(USNH)网站或移动应用程序收集或提交的所有信息. By using USNH websites, 您同意华体会app下载根据本隐私政策收集和使用您的信息.

International Visitors

USNH is located in the United States (State of New Hampshire). 通过向USNH提供信息,您将您的个人数据转移到美国. 如果您提供的个人信息不是美国居民, 您所在国家管理数据收集和使用的法律可能与美国的法律不同. 

The Information We Collect

Personal Information


“个人信息”是指任何可用于识别您的身份或可能与您有关的信息. 这些信息通常仅限于在公共目录中找到的信息, such as first name, last name, postal address, email address, and phone number. 

某些USNH网站允许个人创建和维护个人帐户. Where these sites are concerned, 用户有责任对自己的帐户和密码保密, and for restricting access to their computers. 用户同意对源自其账户的所有活动承担责任和后果.

Log Files

USNH和华体会app下载的第三方供应商可能会自动收集有关您使用华体会app下载网站的某些信息, devices and applications. Information collected includes:

  • Your session and the pages you visit; 
  • Network device addresses such as IP address;
  • 网络安全元数据,如漏洞数据、补丁级别和恶意软件数据;
  • Date and time of access;
  • 访问USNH网站所用设备的操作系统;
  • Browser type and version, 显示器屏幕大小和颜色深度以及其他插件和程序信息,由您的浏览器发送.

The generic information we collect is based on IP address, which is the location of a computer or network.  华体会app下载可能会使用或披露您的IP地址和数据连接相关信息, to help us diagnose problems with our servers and network, 并通过识别(1)华体会app下载网站的哪些部分使用最多来管理华体会app下载的网站, and (2) where our audience comes from, from both within and outside the USNH data networks.  In addition, 在您访问期间收集的一般信息可与您相关联, 如果1)您选择在访问期间提供您的个人信息, 2) for marketing and development purposes, 3)为了调查网络安全事件,有必要这样做, and/or 4) we are required to do so by law or court order.

Mobile Applications

当您安装带有出版商名称“新罕布什尔大学”的移动应用程序时,” “Keene State College,” “Plymouth State University” or “Granite State College”, the application may ask for permission to use or access:

  • GPS services
  • Push notifications 
  • Camera

上述一般信息可能与所有网站访问者的一般信息汇总,以识别和改善华体会app下载的网站或应用程序的使用情况. 反过来,华体会app下载可能会与合作伙伴或公众分享有关华体会app下载网站的汇总信息. 聚合数据不包含任何可用于联系您或识别您的信息.

Web Analytics

一些USNH网站和移动应用程序(“应用程序”)使用谷歌Analytics, a service provided by Google, Inc. 谷歌Analytics在你的电脑上放置一个cookie或嵌入在移动应用程序中的代码,以分析你如何使用网站或应用程序. cookie生成的信息由谷歌传输到谷歌的服务器上并存储在其服务器上. 谷歌使用这些信息编制网站和移动活动报告, 然后大学网站和应用程序所有者使用这些信息来改进他们的网站和应用程序. 谷歌也可以在法律要求的情况下将这些信息转移给第三方, 或第三方代表谷歌处理信息. 谷歌不会将您的IP地址与谷歌持有的任何其他数据关联.


cookie是存储在计算机上的小文件(除非您阻止它们). 华体会app下载使用cookie来了解和保存您的偏好,以备将来访问,并汇编有关网站流量和网站交互的汇总数据,以便华体会app下载在未来提供更好的网站体验和工具. You may disable cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser or you can opt out of the collection and use of this information; however, 这可能会妨碍您体验华体会app下载网站的全部功能.

Other Sources

USNH may receive information about you from other sources, including third parties, that help us update, expand, and analyze our records, identify new customers, or prevent or detect fraud. USNH也可能从社交媒体平台接收有关您的信息, including but not limited to, 当您访问华体会app下载的社交媒体内容或在这些平台上与华体会app下载互动时. 华体会app下载可能收到的信息受隐私设置的约束, policies, and/or procedures of the applicable social media platform; therefore, we encourage you to review them.

How We Use Collected Information

USNH may use the information we collect:

  • To respond to your inquiries;
  • To provide services or materials you request;
  • To operate and understand how services are utilized;
  • To maintain our contact list(s);
  • For marketing and development purposes;
  • 提供信息所用于的业务服务;
  • 评估华体会app下载的活动、活动和出版物的有效性;
  • 用于在华体会app下载的法律义务范围内合理适当或必要的信息处理.

On some pages, you can request information, make requests, 并注册接收材料或对其他人进行推荐. 华体会app下载使用您在提出请求时提供的个人信息,尽华体会app下载所能完成该请求. We use return email addresses to answer the email we receive. 这些地址可能用于与您进一步沟通,用于内部营销和开发目的.  您可以使用华体会app下载发送给您的任何营销电子邮件中的说明,通过“退订”来选择不接收来自华体会app下载的营销通信. 

华体会app下载出于上述目的处理您的个人信息,以促进您所要求的交易,并履行华体会app下载的合同义务(例如, registering you for events); on the basis of our legitimate interests (for example, website analytics); or on the basis of your consent, where applicable.

How We Share Collected Information


  • When we have your consent to share the information;
  • To the extent necessary to complete your request;
  • To verify (or match) information about you from other sources;
  • With USNH school officials and administration;
  • In response to subpoenas, court orders, or legal processes;
  • As we deem necessary to protect the legitimate interests, rights, 新罕布什尔大学系统及其组成机构的安全或财产.

Finally, 华体会app下载从不以与上述方式无关的方式使用或共享在线提供给华体会app下载的个人身份信息. If we are required to disclose information by law or court order, 华体会app下载将尽合理努力提前通知任何受影响方.

Internet-Based Advertisements

华体会app下载使用谷歌Adwords等工具对访问华体会app下载的计划和促销页面的个人进行重新营销. Third-party vendors, such as Google, show our ads on sites across the internet, and in some cases, 使用cookie根据某人过去访问华体会app下载网站的情况来提供广告. You can opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting Google's Ads Settings. 您还可以通过访问 Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

Our Commitment to Data Security

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, 以及管理程序,以保护和保障华体会app下载在网上收集的信息.

Our Commitment to Children's Privacy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of the very young. 虽然华体会app下载的网站一般不针对或旨在吸引13岁以下的访问者, 华体会app下载的机构确实为儿童提供了一些在线注册或参与的项目. For those activities, 以下附加的儿童隐私政策是本USNH隐私政策的补充.

Children's Privacy

华体会app下载认识到,当从13岁以下儿童收集信息时,需要提供额外的隐私保护. 以下指南适用于活动(包括但不限于校内夏令营或儿童课程,以及为儿童设计的在线活动), in addition to our general Privacy Policy. 这些规则遵循儿童在线隐私保护法(COPPA).

Information We May Collect


E-mail address
Street address

这取决于你的孩子选择参加的活动, 您的孩子可能会被要求或选择提供额外的信息. 华体会app下载不要求任何人披露参与某项活动所合理需要的更多信息.

How We Use the Information

华体会app下载使用有关您孩子的信息来为您的孩子注册USNH活动,并确保参与者的适当内容和安全. 未经家长授权,USNH及其机构不会向任何第三方披露儿童的信息, except as may otherwise be required by law.

Parent/Guardian Consent


Parents or Guardians may review their child's personal information in our online databases; correct factual inaccuracies in the information collected about their child; refuse to permit us to collect further personal information from their child; and ask that information be deleted from our online records. 在每个促进或允许13岁以下儿童参加活动的网页上,都将提供家长的适当联系信息.

COPPA Notice Template

A 儿童在线隐私和保护法(“COPPA”)通知模板 is provided for use by the institutions of USNH.

Questions Regarding this Privacy Policy

If you have questions about the data we collect, how that data is used, or this privacy policy in general, please contact the appropriate USNH Institution:

External Links

一些USNH网站可能包含指向非USNH所有的外部网站的链接, or officially affiliated with, USNH in any way. USNH不对此类网站的隐私做法或内容负责.

Changes to this Policy

华体会app下载保留随时更改、修改、添加或删除部分隐私声明的权利. Any such amendments will be noted on this page, so please visit periodically to view current statements.

This page last updated Wednesday, August 24, 2022. 有关政策的采纳和生效日期的信息,请参阅 OLPM Main Menu.